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Zurich’s Liability insurance solutions and services range from general liability to public and product liability, product recall insurance and environmental impairment liability. Our teams in Brussels and The Hague are trained to manage complex situations and can work with your broker to address your liability risk exposures.

Public & Products Liability

Zurich is one of the leading insurers in the area of public and product liability.

In today’s litigious world, all businesses have a potential liability to personal injury or property damage – whether visitors to premises, buyers of products or anywhere in the world a business has operations. We offer the full range of public and products liability cover, compliant international programs in up to 170 countries, in-house risk engineering services to help protect against business litigation and minimize overall cost of risk and technical claims expertise.

We can offer an appropriate solution for all sorts of entities, from a small corporation to a multinational.


Environmental Impairment Liability

With new environmental regulations and increasing public awareness of environmental issues, businesses must face up to emerging and potentially costly risks. Costly in terms of impact to the balance sheet, the company’s reputation and in major cases individuals can even face jail sentences. Environmental damage and pollution legal liability insurance coupled with risk management strategies can help protect businesses against unforeseen environmental damage.


Product Safety & Recall Insurance

We protect your business, while you protect your customers. As a result of increasingly complicated product safety challenges, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are more frequently turning to product recall insurance in order to protect their brand and balance sheet.

Zurich’s product safety and recall insurance provides a market leading combination of recall planning and preparation advice, broad coverage, plus post-loss crisis consultancy to help minimize the impact of these risks.


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