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Zurich's specialist Surety unit has been at the forefront of the surety bond market for over 65 years. A Zurich bond is a guarantee of the obligations of one counterparty to another, with the guarantee that Zurich will cover any potential loss and damages up to the agreed bond limit.

Our appetite is to support strong financially sound organisations based both in the Benelux requiring meaningful surety capacity of €10million or more and typically having revenues in excess of €100 million.

More details about our solutions

  • Performance bond - a guarantee to an employer of the performance of a contract, in accordance with terms and conditions.

  • Advance payment bond - a guarantee given when money is paid before goods or services are supplied.

  • Retention bond - a guarantee issued in place of money that would otherwise be held as retention.

  • Road and sewer bond - bonds to ensure that statutory obligations in relation to the construction and maintenance of roads or sewers are fulfilled.

Standard Bonds

  • Contractors

    The advantages of having a Zurich Bond facility.

    1. Improved working capital as banking facilities are not reduced by bonding lines. Experienced Finance Directors and Treasurers regard a Zurich facility as being an essential complement to banking facilities.
    2. You can plan ahead and tender for new work in the knowledge that you have a facility available to meet your bonding requirements.
    3. As your customers' requirements will vary, our underwriting is flexible and responsive.
    4. We review bond wordings at tender or negotiation stage (without any additional charge) and work with you and your advisors to identify unusual or onerous bonding risks. We understand the issues you face.
    5. We understand the issues you face.

    Remember, we are here to help you.

    Once you have a bonding facility we will give your bond applications individual attention and encourage you, as part of your own risk management, to work with us in checking bond wordings at tender or negotiation stage to address problematic conditions. We will work with you and your customer to provide a bond that works for you both

  • PFI & PPP

    The increasing use of private finance to fund capital projects for the provision of public facilities such as roads, hospitals, schools, prisons, courts and police headquarters and the introduction of 'best value' requirements following the Local Government Act 1999, have resulted in the need for a wider range of bonds.

    Bonds may be required not only to guarantee the contractual performance of a construction contract, but also to guarantee the performance of facilities management and operational obligations. Funders and providers of capital require adequate security to ensure completion and delivery of the project, upon which the revenue stream required to service the financial obligations of the concession company (or SPV) will normally be dependent. As a result, bond amounts may be more than the customary 10% of contract value.

    Contract and operational considerations might mean that bonds are needed over longer periods and that they include speedy recourse and dispute resolution mechanisms.

    Zurich has been involved in a large number of transactions for PPP, PFI and best-value arrangements and our experienced team can work speedily and knowledgeably with professionals and funders to produce bespoke bond documentation for each project. Zurich's investment-grade strength can support you in delivering major projects.

    If you'd like to know more please contact us.

  • LGPS & service providers

    The importance of the services sector has increased as more major corporations and public sector organisations outsource non-core services for greater efficiency and cost saving. Support services and facilities management providers are expanding their activities in response to growing demand and the need for quality service was increased by the Local Government Act 1999 which introduced a 'best value' test for such arrangements.

    Zurich works with service providers and facilities management contractors to meet the requirements of employers, municipal and government bodies to secure the performance of key or essential services by the provision of bonding arrangements underpinning contracts. We also offer bonds that guarantee the work of private sector contractors joining the Local Government Pension Scheme as 'Transferee Admission Bodies' in accordance with Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations.

    Zurich appreciates that these service and outsourcing contracts are individual arrangements, with detailed negotiations involved in each case. We work flexibly with everyone involved to devise a bonding structure that matches requirements.

    We would be pleased to work with service providers and facilities management contractors to develop bonding arrangements and structures that meet their contractual commitments and the protection requirements of the employer.

  • Housebuilders

    Local authorities and statutory agencies require bonds in connection with agreements under the Highways, Water and Planning Acts and other statutory provisions. These bonds guarantee that you, the developer, will complete the roads or sewers to enable them to be adopted by the local authority or perform undertakings entered into under the Planning Acts.

    If you are, or are likely to be, a party to an agreement of this type, why not arrange a separate bonding facility with Zurich?

    With a Zurich facility, you have the added advantage of our technical expertise and for the more complex requirements, we will work with you to tailor an agreement for your individual development.

    If you would like to know more about a Zurich bond facility then please contact us. Alternatively see details of our simple application procedure on the application form page.

  • Housing associations

    Housing associations require bonds and guarantees to secure obligations under the Highways, Water, and Planning Acts.

    Zurich supports a large number of associations with substantial bonding facilities. A Zurich facility is an efficient way of meeting your requirements and improving working-capital resources by avoiding utilisation of important banking facilities.

    With a Zurich facility, you also have the added advantage of our technical expertise. We will work with you to tailor agreements to your individual needs and to suit your individual commercial arrangements.

    If you would like to know more about a Zurich bond facility please contact us.


  • Importers

    Are you aware that there is an alternative to the bank for customs bonds and guarantees?

    Zurich is an approved issuer of guarantees for HM Revenue & Customs. A deferment guarantee to HM Revenue & Customs allows you to take a period of credit, up to one month, for the payment of taxes and duty payable on the import or movement of goods from bonded warehouses.

    A Zurich customs bond facility leaves your bank credit lines available for working capital and other funding requirements.

    Zurich has developed long-term successful relationships with businesses requiring customs bonds. We would be pleased to discuss how we can help your business.

  • Employers

    Prudent employers protect their investment in projects by seeking performance bonds. A bond provides the comfort of an independent assessment of the contractor's ability to complete the project and a guarantee of payment up to an agreed limit (in the UK, usually 10% of the contract price) upon default and in cases where the contractor becomes insolvent.

    With our long-established reputation and the strength of the Zurich Financial Services Group behind us, you can trust the financial protection offered by a Zurich bond.

    We apply rigorous vetting procedures to all contractors, taking into account their ability, experience and financial strength. Where we provide bond facilities we make a point of getting to know bonded contractors and their senior personnel.

    A contractor who can supply a Zurich bond provides that extra level of confidence and financial protection.

    Your contractual rights are protected even if the contractor becomes insolvent. We will work with you to decide on the most cost-effective and prompt way of completing the project.

    A number of employers have put in place cost-effective bond schemes with Zurich for all their projects. We would be pleased to provide further details. See our contact list to find out how to get in touch with us.

  • Brokers

    We always remember that clients have a choice. An independent professional surety broker is able to give objective advice. We recognise the important role that you have to play in making sure that your client has adequate bonding facilities in place on the right terms. We believe in working together with you to help your clients.

    We understand that it is important for you to receive prompt replies which is why we aim to deal with your facility applications within two working days and process bond requests for clients by return.

    We take a flexible approach to underwriting and offer bespoke surety structures for complex projects, including joint ventures.

    If you are looking for a bonding facility for a client please contact us.


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